Why and Electric Grill is Better than Gas or Charcoal

Grill is a way of cooking that is loved by a lot of people because it can give certain special taste on the food. Besides that, grilling can be a great moment for reuniting a family together. That is why; the griller is an important tool that is owned by many families in some places. If we talked about griller, there are some types of griller that you can choose such as the electric grill, gas and charcoal. Some people said that the electric grill is better than the other two, but is this right? Below we will try to look at it from some aspects and inform some reasons as the answer of this question.

  1. Fuel Source

First of all, we will see from the fuel source aspect. As we know that electric grill uses the electricity while gas grill uses propane or other natural gas as their heat. Electric grill is simpler for this case, because you just need to plug it directly into the electrical outlet. You can use this grill for both, indoor and outdoor. Meanwhile for gas grill, you have to prepare the gas line or even the propane tank to make this tool works.

  1. Range Temperature

There are some temperature settings that we can find in an electric grill: the low, medium and high temperature. You can choose which temperature is suiting you the most. Meanwhile on gas grill, the temperature is usually measured in degrees. Unlike the electric grill, you will not be able to control the heat at a continuous temperature if you used the gas grill. Besides that, gas grill is not suitable if you wanted to grill with low temperature. Why? It is because gas grill is really difficult to be maintained at the low temperatures.

  1. Size

Next, we will look from the size. Electric grill has some various sizes that you can choose based on your need and condition. What we mean here is that you can choose the small and compact electric grill if you did not have any wide spaces o areas. You can simply place this small and compact on a table or counter top. Meanwhile, you can choose the big electric grill if you had some wide spaces or areas. This grill is perfect for outdoor activity and this grill can feed a party for 12 up to 15 people. Gas grill and charcoal grill also come on some different sizes.

  1. Price and Popularity

Electric grill is getting more popular at the present time because of some reasons such as its simplicity. Beside this reason, there are still any other reasons such as the price. We knew that the electric grill comes with varied prices that you can choose based on your budget. The cheapest electric grill is sold with the price of $70 and the high end model of electric grill is sold with the price of $7,500.