Refrigerator Home Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Décor

Refrigerator is a household utensil that is owned by a lot of people. It has some functions such as for making the cold water or drink, storage some vegetables and fruits to make it fresh and there is a freezer that can be used to keep some ingredients. Besides these benefits, nowadays refrigerator comes with some designs that are really interesting. Below are some information about refrigerators design ideas and types.

  1. Apply a Rack above the Refrigerator

The space above refrigerator can be a perfect place to apply or installing a separated wood rack. You can use a triangle shape that is made from iron or wood. You can make a rack with one floor or even two floors rack. You can apply this design idea as long as the design of refrigerator and the height of ceiling are appropriate. Make sure that the height of this rack is proper. It will make you are easier to reach it so you don’t need the other tools like chair to help you.

  1. Put some Paintings or Television

If you did not like the idea of making rack like what we explained above, you can change it by using painting or placing a television above the refrigerator. As we know that above the refrigerator is a blank space that is perfect to be used for the entertainment needs in the kitchen.

  1. Wall Sticker

The third refrigerator design idea is by adding or applying the wall sticker. Yes, this is the common wall sticker that is applied or attached at refrigerator. For this case, you have to choose a wall sticker that is not too wide. Besides that, it is also better for choosing the wall sticker that has some funny or interesting colors. However, if your refrigerator had already some motifs, applying the wall sticker is maybe not a great idea because it will make your refrigerator is having too much design and looked like too full with motif.

  1. Kids’ Photos and Picture

Refrigerator is also a great media for memorizing the moments of your family. You only need to do some simple ways such as providing a frame that has a magnet behind the frame. You can put the most interesting picture on this frame and then attach it at your refrigerator’s door. How if you did not have a frame with magnet on it? You just need to apply a magnet to hold your favorite picture. Besides that, attach your kids’ creation such as paintings or some simple pictures are also the great idea to remodel the design of your refrigerator. It is a great idea for triggering your kids’ creation because usually kids will love to create the other creations again and again. The other smart idea is by attaching the result of your kids’ examination at school, especially when they got the great exam result. It will have the same effect like the kids’ creation.