Guide on How to Choose a Blender

Blender is a modern kitchen utensil that has a lot of functions. It can be used for making the fruits or vegetable juices, grind some ingredients, blend the baby foods and many more. Nowadays, we can find a lot of blenders in the market with different brands, prices, capacities, electricity and some other special features. Choosing the right blender can be really hard. Below we will give some simple guides to choose the right blender based on your needs.

  1. Jug Capacity

The first thing that you need to consider is about the jug capacity. Jug is a place to fill the ingredients that will be blended. Commonly, jug capacity has an important role for deciding the price and amount of electricity that is needed. If you used blender for only some special occasions, it is better for choosing a blender with small jug capacity. You still can grind some ingredients with some process by using smaller blender capacity.

  1. Electricity

Electricity force shows the power of torsion and the velocity of blender knife. Usually, blender is only used for about one minute up to two minutes. You will not get the significant result about this process time. This electricity force can be your consideration before choosing a blender.

  1. Price

For the same brand, the price of a blender is depended on the volume capacity, power of knife rotation and the amount of functions and accessories. If you did not make any lists, you will have a great desire for buying an expensive blender with a lot of features that you may not need.

  1. Materials

Jug is usually made from glass or plastic. Lately, a lot of people prefer to choose the plastic jug because it is lighter and it is not easy to break off. Some blender products use stainless steel as the blender house or motor house. Stainless steel blender will be looked more elegant and luxurious, but actually it has the same function with the other blender.

  1. Design

For the design aspect, it is also better for choosing the blender that is made from the strong materials. Choose the blender with thick design and it is not shake when it is used. Besides that, the blender’s design has to be easy to clean.

  1. Consumers’ Review

It is better for asking some recommendation from your trusted friends and relatives, especially for them who have some experiences in using certain brands and blender’s type.

  1. Compare the Price and Bargain

Compare the price of blender that you want to buy by visiting the stores that sell that blender or the websites of that store. Sometimes, buying blender from the online store can be cheaper, but the shipping cost can make you to pay more. Besides that, do not forget to bargain the blender and ask some bonuses before you purchase a blender. It is also better for also asking the guarantee of the blender product.