Function and Type of Kitchen Knives

Some cooks are maybe not aware about some types of knives. Most of them only know that knives are only having one type and this type is a knife that is used for slicing the food. In fact, kitchen knives come with varied types and also varied function. You will see these kinds of knives on a kitchen set. Below we will inform to you some function and type of the kitchen knives.

  1. Chef’s Knife

The first knife that we always see is the chef’s knife. This is the usual knife that is usually used by most of us while cooking in the kitchen. Almost all kinds of food ingredients can be sliced with this knife. That is why; most of the cooks prefer to choose this knife because this knife has some multiple functions. In the other words we can say that this knife is really simple and easy to use. Many housewives prefer to choose this knife to a set of kitchen knives that can make them confuse.

  1. Cleaver Knife

This knife has a strong handle with more weight than the other knives. This knife is perfect for cutting the chicken’s bones, chopping the meat, cut the vegetables and onions. This cleaver knife is usually used by many Chinese chefs and that is why; this knife is so-called the “Chinese Chef Knife”.

  1. Serrated Knife

This knife is also called the bread knife because of its function on cutting the bread. The result of this cutting is softer and moist. It is because this knife is specially design for this aim. Besides perfect for slicing the bread, serrated knife is also perfect for slicing some food ingredients that have the soft and slippery surface such as tomato, cucumber and many more.

  1. Boning Knife

This knife can be used for separating the chicken meat from its bones. This knife will help you to have a thin slice of meats, throwing away the muscle and fat that you may find. This knife is also perfect for separating the fish meat from its bones. The characteristic of this knife is that its longer and slimmer design than the chef’s knife.

  1. Slicing Knife

The slicing knife has almost the same shape with the chef’s knife, but it has smaller and slimmer design. The function of this knife is for getting some small slices when you slice some food ingredients or the fruits’ skin. This slice will be looked neater.

  1. Paring Knife

As its name, this knife is usually used for paring the vegetables and fruits because it has a smaller, shorter and sharper tip. This design is specially made for making the users are more comfortable. The usage of this knife is also more flexible, especially when it was used for paring some fruits and vegetables.

Those are some types and functions of kitchen knives that you have to know. Now, you don’t need to be confused when you saw many strange knives with strange design.