Do You Know How Long Food Will Keep in the Freezer? – Tips

Freezer has a lot of benefits especially when you bought a lot of foods that will be used for some days later. Nowadays, it is really easy to buy a freezer because it is usually attached or equipped together with refrigerator. It makes many people are easier for keeping some foods on freezer and this equipment is really useful for daily usage. However, now the question is that “how long food can be kept in the freezer?” This is important information to guarantee that the food is healthy enough to be consumed. It is because the quality of that food will be decreased after the food is kept for a long time in the freezer and we have to pay attention to the expired date as well. Below are some tips that you can do about keeping some foods to the freezer.

Below we will give some example of foods and the storage time limit in the freezer.

Bacon: 1- 2 months, Breads: 2 – 3 months, casseroles 2- 3 months, cooked bacon and beef 2- 3 months, cake dough 3 months, fruits 8- 12 months, frozen dinner meals 3 – 4 months, hot dog 1 – 2 months, soup and boiled foods 2 – 3 months, sliced raw chicken 9 months, whole raw chicken 1 year, sliced steak or raw beef 4 – 12 months, vegetables 8 up to12 months. It can be seen that each food has the different time limit to be stored or kept in the freezer. So, you have to pay attention on this thing to make sure that the foods always have the best quality.

There are some tricks that you can do about freezing a food. You can freeze the food straightly after you bought the food or straightly after the vegetables and fruits are taken. There are also some kinds of food that cannot be frozen such as the tin foods. If you wanted to freeze the fresh foods and ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, you have to storage it with the clean and dry position. It is because some people prefer to keep the vegetables and fruits after it was cooked with sugar for keeping the texture and flavor. For vegetables, it is better to boil or steam it before you freeze it. This way can add the durability, flavor, texture and colors.

Besides some tips to freeze the foods, you have to also pay attention about covering the foods. You have to make sure that the foods are covered really well. Make sure that there are not any holes on that cover or there is not any break. It is also better by giving a label that shown when that food is kept. It will make you easier to know how long the food was already stored in the freezer is.

Those are some simple tips and guides that you can do. We hope that this information is beneficial so you can cook and make sure that the foods that you freeze are always having the best quality.