Function and Type of Kitchen Knives

Some cooks are maybe not aware about some types of knives. Most of them only know that knives are only having one type and this type is a knife that is used for slicing the food. In fact, kitchen knives come with varied types and also varied function. You will see these kinds of knives on a kitchen set. Below we will inform to you some function and type of the kitchen knives.

  1. Chef’s Knife

The first knife that we always see is the chef’s knife. This is the usual knife that is usually used by most of us while cooking in the kitchen. Almost all kinds of food ingredients can be sliced with this knife. That is why; most of the cooks prefer to choose this knife because this knife has some multiple functions. In the other words we can say that this knife is really simple and easy to use. Many housewives prefer to choose this knife to a set of kitchen knives that can make them confuse.

  1. Cleaver Knife

This knife has a strong handle with more weight than the other knives. This knife is perfect for cutting the chicken’s bones, chopping the meat, cut the vegetables and onions. This cleaver knife is usually used by many Chinese chefs and that is why; this knife is so-called the “Chinese Chef Knife”.

  1. Serrated Knife

This knife is also called the bread knife because of its function on cutting the bread. The result of this cutting is softer and moist. It is because this knife is specially design for this aim. Besides perfect for slicing the bread, serrated knife is also perfect for slicing some food ingredients that have the soft and slippery surface such as tomato, cucumber and many more.

  1. Boning Knife

This knife can be used for separating the chicken meat from its bones. This knife will help you to have a thin slice of meats, throwing away the muscle and fat that you may find. This knife is also perfect for separating the fish meat from its bones. The characteristic of this knife is that its longer and slimmer design than the chef’s knife.

  1. Slicing Knife

The slicing knife has almost the same shape with the chef’s knife, but it has smaller and slimmer design. The function of this knife is for getting some small slices when you slice some food ingredients or the fruits’ skin. This slice will be looked neater.

  1. Paring Knife

As its name, this knife is usually used for paring the vegetables and fruits because it has a smaller, shorter and sharper tip. This design is specially made for making the users are more comfortable. The usage of this knife is also more flexible, especially when it was used for paring some fruits and vegetables.

Those are some types and functions of kitchen knives that you have to know. Now, you don’t need to be confused when you saw many strange knives with strange design.

Why and Electric Grill is Better than Gas or Charcoal

Grill is a way of cooking that is loved by a lot of people because it can give certain special taste on the food. Besides that, grilling can be a great moment for reuniting a family together. That is why; the griller is an important tool that is owned by many families in some places. If we talked about griller, there are some types of griller that you can choose such as the electric grill, gas and charcoal. Some people said that the electric grill is better than the other two, but is this right? Below we will try to look at it from some aspects and inform some reasons as the answer of this question.

  1. Fuel Source

First of all, we will see from the fuel source aspect. As we know that electric grill uses the electricity while gas grill uses propane or other natural gas as their heat. Electric grill is simpler for this case, because you just need to plug it directly into the electrical outlet. You can use this grill for both, indoor and outdoor. Meanwhile for gas grill, you have to prepare the gas line or even the propane tank to make this tool works.

  1. Range Temperature

There are some temperature settings that we can find in an electric grill: the low, medium and high temperature. You can choose which temperature is suiting you the most. Meanwhile on gas grill, the temperature is usually measured in degrees. Unlike the electric grill, you will not be able to control the heat at a continuous temperature if you used the gas grill. Besides that, gas grill is not suitable if you wanted to grill with low temperature. Why? It is because gas grill is really difficult to be maintained at the low temperatures.

  1. Size

Next, we will look from the size. Electric grill has some various sizes that you can choose based on your need and condition. What we mean here is that you can choose the small and compact electric grill if you did not have any wide spaces o areas. You can simply place this small and compact on a table or counter top. Meanwhile, you can choose the big electric grill if you had some wide spaces or areas. This grill is perfect for outdoor activity and this grill can feed a party for 12 up to 15 people. Gas grill and charcoal grill also come on some different sizes.

  1. Price and Popularity

Electric grill is getting more popular at the present time because of some reasons such as its simplicity. Beside this reason, there are still any other reasons such as the price. We knew that the electric grill comes with varied prices that you can choose based on your budget. The cheapest electric grill is sold with the price of $70 and the high end model of electric grill is sold with the price of $7,500.

Refrigerator Home Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Décor

Refrigerator is a household utensil that is owned by a lot of people. It has some functions such as for making the cold water or drink, storage some vegetables and fruits to make it fresh and there is a freezer that can be used to keep some ingredients. Besides these benefits, nowadays refrigerator comes with some designs that are really interesting. Below are some information about refrigerators design ideas and types.

  1. Apply a Rack above the Refrigerator

The space above refrigerator can be a perfect place to apply or installing a separated wood rack. You can use a triangle shape that is made from iron or wood. You can make a rack with one floor or even two floors rack. You can apply this design idea as long as the design of refrigerator and the height of ceiling are appropriate. Make sure that the height of this rack is proper. It will make you are easier to reach it so you don’t need the other tools like chair to help you.

  1. Put some Paintings or Television

If you did not like the idea of making rack like what we explained above, you can change it by using painting or placing a television above the refrigerator. As we know that above the refrigerator is a blank space that is perfect to be used for the entertainment needs in the kitchen.

  1. Wall Sticker

The third refrigerator design idea is by adding or applying the wall sticker. Yes, this is the common wall sticker that is applied or attached at refrigerator. For this case, you have to choose a wall sticker that is not too wide. Besides that, it is also better for choosing the wall sticker that has some funny or interesting colors. However, if your refrigerator had already some motifs, applying the wall sticker is maybe not a great idea because it will make your refrigerator is having too much design and looked like too full with motif.

  1. Kids’ Photos and Picture

Refrigerator is also a great media for memorizing the moments of your family. You only need to do some simple ways such as providing a frame that has a magnet behind the frame. You can put the most interesting picture on this frame and then attach it at your refrigerator’s door. How if you did not have a frame with magnet on it? You just need to apply a magnet to hold your favorite picture. Besides that, attach your kids’ creation such as paintings or some simple pictures are also the great idea to remodel the design of your refrigerator. It is a great idea for triggering your kids’ creation because usually kids will love to create the other creations again and again. The other smart idea is by attaching the result of your kids’ examination at school, especially when they got the great exam result. It will have the same effect like the kids’ creation.

Guide on How to Choose a Blender

Blender is a modern kitchen utensil that has a lot of functions. It can be used for making the fruits or vegetable juices, grind some ingredients, blend the baby foods and many more. Nowadays, we can find a lot of blenders in the market with different brands, prices, capacities, electricity and some other special features. Choosing the right blender can be really hard. Below we will give some simple guides to choose the right blender based on your needs.

  1. Jug Capacity

The first thing that you need to consider is about the jug capacity. Jug is a place to fill the ingredients that will be blended. Commonly, jug capacity has an important role for deciding the price and amount of electricity that is needed. If you used blender for only some special occasions, it is better for choosing a blender with small jug capacity. You still can grind some ingredients with some process by using smaller blender capacity.

  1. Electricity

Electricity force shows the power of torsion and the velocity of blender knife. Usually, blender is only used for about one minute up to two minutes. You will not get the significant result about this process time. This electricity force can be your consideration before choosing a blender.

  1. Price

For the same brand, the price of a blender is depended on the volume capacity, power of knife rotation and the amount of functions and accessories. If you did not make any lists, you will have a great desire for buying an expensive blender with a lot of features that you may not need.

  1. Materials

Jug is usually made from glass or plastic. Lately, a lot of people prefer to choose the plastic jug because it is lighter and it is not easy to break off. Some blender products use stainless steel as the blender house or motor house. Stainless steel blender will be looked more elegant and luxurious, but actually it has the same function with the other blender.

  1. Design

For the design aspect, it is also better for choosing the blender that is made from the strong materials. Choose the blender with thick design and it is not shake when it is used. Besides that, the blender’s design has to be easy to clean.

  1. Consumers’ Review

It is better for asking some recommendation from your trusted friends and relatives, especially for them who have some experiences in using certain brands and blender’s type.

  1. Compare the Price and Bargain

Compare the price of blender that you want to buy by visiting the stores that sell that blender or the websites of that store. Sometimes, buying blender from the online store can be cheaper, but the shipping cost can make you to pay more. Besides that, do not forget to bargain the blender and ask some bonuses before you purchase a blender. It is also better for also asking the guarantee of the blender product.

Do You Know How Long Food Will Keep in the Freezer? – Tips

Freezer has a lot of benefits especially when you bought a lot of foods that will be used for some days later. Nowadays, it is really easy to buy a freezer because it is usually attached or equipped together with refrigerator. It makes many people are easier for keeping some foods on freezer and this equipment is really useful for daily usage. However, now the question is that “how long food can be kept in the freezer?” This is important information to guarantee that the food is healthy enough to be consumed. It is because the quality of that food will be decreased after the food is kept for a long time in the freezer and we have to pay attention to the expired date as well. Below are some tips that you can do about keeping some foods to the freezer.

Below we will give some example of foods and the storage time limit in the freezer.

Bacon: 1- 2 months, Breads: 2 – 3 months, casseroles 2- 3 months, cooked bacon and beef 2- 3 months, cake dough 3 months, fruits 8- 12 months, frozen dinner meals 3 – 4 months, hot dog 1 – 2 months, soup and boiled foods 2 – 3 months, sliced raw chicken 9 months, whole raw chicken 1 year, sliced steak or raw beef 4 – 12 months, vegetables 8 up to12 months. It can be seen that each food has the different time limit to be stored or kept in the freezer. So, you have to pay attention on this thing to make sure that the foods always have the best quality.

There are some tricks that you can do about freezing a food. You can freeze the food straightly after you bought the food or straightly after the vegetables and fruits are taken. There are also some kinds of food that cannot be frozen such as the tin foods. If you wanted to freeze the fresh foods and ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, you have to storage it with the clean and dry position. It is because some people prefer to keep the vegetables and fruits after it was cooked with sugar for keeping the texture and flavor. For vegetables, it is better to boil or steam it before you freeze it. This way can add the durability, flavor, texture and colors.

Besides some tips to freeze the foods, you have to also pay attention about covering the foods. You have to make sure that the foods are covered really well. Make sure that there are not any holes on that cover or there is not any break. It is also better by giving a label that shown when that food is kept. It will make you easier to know how long the food was already stored in the freezer is.

Those are some simple tips and guides that you can do. We hope that this information is beneficial so you can cook and make sure that the foods that you freeze are always having the best quality.